Terms and Conditions

Once purchased/downloaded all digital files become subject to the following terms and conditions: (Please note all the same terms and conditions apply to any free files you download if you are a weekly newsletter subscriber)
  1. No digital sales/re-sale. Do not alter my files or elements of my files in any way to resell on their own or in a combination with other digital creations. No svgs, pngs, pdfs, jpg, art prints, etc. You may not resell my file in original or altered form. You may not alter my files to create your own “new design” for resale. You may not sell digital or printed copies of my thermal label digital downloads, same terms apply. Thermal labels are only for personal use on your own product packaging.
  2. Files must never be shared with anyone else. No giveaways, freebies, Facebook groups, friends, etc. 
  3. Files must not be uploaded to print-on-demand or third-party sites.
  4. You may not sell any kind of printed transfers with any of my designs unless you purchase an extended use license. (DTF transfers, Screen-prints, Sublimation prints, or any other similar style ready-to-press items.)
  5. You may not use any of my photos as your own. You may not advertise any of my content on your own platforms.
  6. You may not post my designs in digital forms such as mockups, social media, websites, etc. without a proper watermark. Please do not post my designs in a way they can be copied.
  7. Licensing: Free commercial use included is for making finished physical end products. Finished cups, t-shirts, wood signs, at-home stickers, etc. You may sell the finished physical items you make under these terms in unlimited quantities. Thermal labels may not be resold as printed copies, unless you have a lifetime extended use license. see full terms on any thermal label design listing in its shop category.
  8. No refunds are ever issued due to the digital nature of the file. Please see the refund policy for full details.
  9. All Rights Reserved. Purchasing this file does not transfer copyright.
  10. Tess Made It is not responsible for trademark violations. If you are creating products for reselling, it is your responsibility to check each phrase or design for new trademarks in your category. 
  11. Tess Made It reserves the right to update these terms & conditions at any time. Not subject to notice.

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By using this site, you signify acceptance of the terms and conditions stipulated. If you are not in agreement with these terms and conditions, please do not use the site.