Welcome to Tess Made It

Small Business Owner - Cricut Crafter - SVG Designer - Successful Etsy Shop Seller​

Welcome. I’m Tess, and I’m so glad you found me over here in my little corner of the internet! I’m the DIY crafter, content creator, and digital Etsy seller behind TessMadeIt.com

A little while ago I was your average 9 to 5 office worker who was dreaming of working on my own terms. Two years into my handmade side hustle, learning SVG design, and launching a successful digital shop on Etsy, I was able to turn those dreams into my reality. Now, nothing inspires me more than connecting and sharing what I know with like-minded creatives and small business entrepreneurs like you.

Tess Made It is inspired by staying continuously creative, working on your side hustle, making your daydreams a reality, and never giving up.

You can always find me designing something new, crafting pretty much everything with my Cricut, and passing along any helpful info I can to the next girl. If you want to small biz besties on a more personal level, find me on Instagram @tessmadeit_ where you can find a little bit of inspiration everyday.

After making over 10, 000 sales just past my first year on Etsy (and ranking in the Etsy top 0.1%), I’ve learnt a lot to say the least. I’ve mastered making daily sales (even when I’m not around), and because of that, I’m able to keep working on the next thing that inspires me. Being able to replace my corporate income and actually make more than I ever did, didn’t happen overnight, but it didn’t take years either. We are lucky to live in a time where we don’t have to figure everything out on our own. We can get help from those who already figured it out, and save a ton of time. Need a little proof that it isn’t too late to start an Etsy shop? ↓


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