Christmas Thermal Label Bundle – Printable Labels


Printable Christmas Label Bundle – Christmas Business Stickers PNG- Holiday Mailing Labels – Thermal Shipping Labels – PNG Christmas Labels – Download, Print, Stick!

Looking for small business stickers and labels you can print at home with your thermal printer? This Christmas Thermal Label design bundle is perfect to add to your holiday packaging supplies! Buy, Download, Print – that’s it! It’s that easy. Use these DIY holiday mailing labels to make your packages stand out. These cute thermal label designs are pre-sized at 4×6 inches & will work with any popular printers such as Rollo, Munbyn, Polono, etc. I test mine on the Polono printer from Amazon. A few designs have been left for you to write in your customer’s names too!

⚠️You must tag me @tessmadeit_ for design credit when posting on social, any photos that include the labels I’ve designed. Product photos, packaging videos, etc.

⚠️Please read below before purchasing.


✨Printable stickers for Rollo/Munbyn Printers✨
☞Pre-sized for 4×6 inch labels
☞Individual PNGS & JPEGS for each design included + 1 PDF
☞You can resize for 2.25×1.25 in your printer dialogue box

💡If you want to print all designs in one go: drag and select all PNGS files in the folder then right click, choose open. This should open all in one document and then just go to file, print, and continue with your setting choices. (could be different on your set up).

See more thermal label designs here!


✅Print as many labels as you want at home with your thermal printer.
✅Use these super cute thermal prints for the packaging you are shipping out for your own small biz!
✅If you don’t have a thermal printer but know your way around design space, you could add a backing to the pngs for print and cut. (I don’t suggest the other formats in design space they come in very poor quality/distorted).

❌You may NOT sell printed copies – Unless you purchase a lifetime or annual extended use license, not a single design one.
❌You may not resell or share digital files under any circumstance. Do not trace, copy or recreate.
❌Do not post images of the images online, only photos of your printed labels.
❌Never share this file with anyone else in any form. No freebies or giveaways in digital or physical form.
❌You can NOT buy this and have someone else print it for you.

All designs copyright by ©Tess Made It | All Rights Reserved.


☞Text is NOT editable. You can not edit these types of files. (there is no SVG included with this type of product)
☞ Thermal printers DO NOT print in high quality. You will see imperfections on the prints, regardless of the design’s high quality.
☞Make sure to select the correct paper/label size in your printer settings every time before printing, this isn’t automatic.
☞Thermal printers do not use ink so it is only possible to print in black and white. They use heat to produce the image, which is why imperfections are common.

All thermal label design sales are final.

‼️Terms of Use‼️

Design credit is required @tessmadeit_ when posting on Instagram. 

❌No digital sales. Do not alter my files or elements of my files in any way to resell on their own or in a combination with other digital creations. No svgs, pngs, pdfs, jpg, art prints, etc.

❌Never share your purchased digital file with anyone else.

💡If the bundle you buy has black background images, I’ve also included a reverse white backing option in the bundle. Not all printers are capable of printing these largely black designs. If that’s the case for your printer, I’ve got you covered so you do not miss out on the number of designs you purchased.

I offer prompt customer service and have a 5-star shop rating to stand behind my files. I’m an experienced Cricut crafter & small business owner myself, so I often can help beginners with simple questions you might have before purchase. I have a polono brand thermal printer & Munbyn that I test my designs on before they get listed to assure they work.

Due to the digital nature of the product, returns, refunds, and exchanges are not accepted. However, if you have a problem with your download, please let me know so I can help you.

keep in mind HOW thermal printouts look. They are not capable of producing high-quality prints even though my design are high quality & made in Adobe Illustrator. 

Purchases are made with the expectation that you have an understanding/knowledge of your program. I do not offer support with your thermal printer or any print settings.


-To open the ZIP folder: Mac computer, double click the file and it will unzip.

-To open the ZIP folder: Windows computer, right-click, choose to unzip.

-You will receive a PNG JPG & PDF File for thermal designs.

⭐️Once you have used your file, please remember to come back and share your 5 ⭐️ love! If you are anything less than 5-star satisfied, please reach out first. I am always here to help and answer right away.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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