LIFETIME Entire Shop Extended License to Sell Transfers


LIFETIME Entire Shop Extended Use License to Sell Printed Transfers – License to sell DTF, Screenprint, Sublimation etc. Extended Use


Hey there 👋 If you are planning to sell any of my designs as a transfer of any type including, but not limited to: DTF, sublimation, screenprint, eco-solvent, Thermal Label Prints, etc. you MUST purchase an extended use license and be able to show proof of purchase upon request. This license must be purchased separately/without discounts


☞The resale of printed thermal label designs IS permitted under this extended entire shop lifetime license.

✨Tess Made It Extended Commercial License (Entire Shop -Lifetime) For Selling Printed Transfers.✨

Purchasing this license gives you permission to sell physical printed transfers of ANY & ALL designs created and sold by Tess Made It as long as the guidelines below are followed. Please read in full as I do actively protect my brand and my designs. Watermarks must be used.

🚨You must provide the name of your Etsy shop/website + Facebook page etc. where you will be listing & selling the designs at checkout. If you do not fill in this info in full at the time of checkout I will reach out. If the information must be provided within 3 business days.

🖤This is required so I can add you to the approved seller’s list🖤

License to list and sell:
•Unlimited Copies of Tess Made It digital designs as ready to press Printed Transfers & Ready to stick thermal label print outs. Printed by you, at your “small business” office.
• Sublimation Transfers
•Screen Print Transfers
•DTF / UV DTF Transfers
•Eco-solvent Transfers
•Waterslide Decals
•Printed/Cut Vinyl & HTV Transfers
•Printed copies of my thermal label designs for small business packaging
Etc. As long as your finished end product is used to transfer my designs onto a physical end product. This list is sure to expand over time.

⚠️WHEN ADVERTISING YOUR TRANSFERS ONLINE (selling platform, website, social media) YOU MUST USE A PROPER WATERMARK TO PROTECT THE IMAGE FROM BEING STOLEN/COPIED⚠️ This is mandatory for my designs and strictly enforced. Upon checking – If images are listed without watermarks I will request they be taken down and no future use of extended-use licensing from Tess Made It will be allowed and no refunds will be issued. This is a common request from designers when our work is no longer under our protection. Please respect the time that goes into creating these original designs. You can use my generic ones provided or your own. Please reach out if you are unsure about watermarks. I’m more than happy to help you, it’s really easy!

•This is not a license for fabric prints.
•This is not a license ​​to digitize and re-sell designs as embroidery files.
•This is not a License to sell POD (print-on-demand/third-party print) License.

The product must be printed by you. You may not upload/send files to be printed for you by other transfer shops for “custom prints”. ⭐️If you need to outsource your prints, please reach out to me with more information and we can go from there.

1. Post images of designs for sale prior to having purchased the proper licensing.
2. No redistribution of my design/images on mockups or templates for free or paid to your customers/followers/groups. If they wish to post a product mockup they need to make an item with your transfer or purchase my design themselves to make their own product mockups.
3. Copy any listing write-ups from my shops.
4. Never use any Tess Made It images for advertising.
5. Share, Distribute or Resell my designs in any digital format.
6. Use all or any part of my designs to create “new” designs to resell or share. You may not make modifications to editable files (like svg dxf eps) for resale or to add elements into other designs to sell as new designs/prints/transfers.

Your purchase will contain a copy of this agreement to download that will serve as confirmation of your rights of extended commercial use for the lifetime of your shop that this was purchased for. Please keep this as well as transaction receipts from Etsy for your records as proof of purchase.

Selling printed transfers using Tess Made It designs WITHOUT purchasing an Extended License will result in reporting a copyright infringement to Etsy (if that is your selling platform), or other legal actions if/when/where required.

All designs copyright by ©Tess Made It | All Rights Reserved. Purchasing this file does not transfer copyright. Tess Made It is not responsible for trademark violations. It is your responsibility to check USPTO trademark database for new trademarks in your category.

🧐That was a lot of info, I know!
Taking part in the resale of original artwork is a serious matter and it’s important that nobody’s hard work is lost / stolen in the shuffle. Please, if you have ANY questions about the above just send me a msg. No questions are silly, it’s always best to be sure and I’m always here to help!

Thank you for choosing to shop Tess Made It👇
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✅LIMITED COMMERCIAL USE INCLUDED WITH YOUR PURCHASE – You do NOT need this license if you are making finished cups, clothing, etc. You receive free commercial use licensing to sell those finished items when you buy any of my designs!

-You will receive 2 PNG watermarks (faint white) in your download. You can use your own instead but I wanted to provide since it the images must be watermarked for listing photos.

❌No posting my designs in digital forms (such as mockups/websites/social media) without a watermark over the image. Please do not post my images online in a way they can easily be copied. This is strictly enforced.

❌No using my files for print on demand / sharing with 3rd parties.

❌No digital sales. Do not alter my files or elements of my files in any way to resell on their own or in a combination with other digital creations or “new art” creations. No svgs, pngs, pdfs, jpg, art prints, etc.

❌Never share your purchased digital file with anyone else.


-To open the ZIP folder: Mac computer, double click the file and it will unzip.

-To open the ZIP folder: Windows computer, right-click, choose to unzip.

Due to the digital nature of the product, returns, refunds, and exchanges are not accepted.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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